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Finest Seafood from the Ocean

Fresh or Frozen? Which is better in terms of taste?

The answer is both are one & the same as far as taste is concerned. Here emphasis is on the fact that the quality of the fish matters far more than whether the fish is frozen or not!!

I could eat prawns for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Why Frozen Seafood is a better choice? 

- Frozen seafood contributes to sustainable environment as it is easier to transport & can be stored in cold storage or a refrigerator for months together with minimal wastage. As per various studies, 23% of fresh seafood in supermarkets goes to waste and that leads to increase in carbon emissions. 

- Quick blast freezing of seafood locks in the great flavour & the nutrients of a freshly caught fish and stops any kind of degradation meaning the frozen seafood is as fresh as the minute they left the ocean.